MMAT 113  Mathematics I

Learning of description of basic number concepts, instantiation of numbers, sets, inequalities, problems, equations, functions ve trigonometry

MBP 103  Fundamentals of Web Design

The content of this course includes web form designs, web programming languages, web site content management and solutions that constitutes the basic principles of web development.

MBP 101  Database Systems I

The content of this course includes the design, implementation and management phases of database server.

IUE 100  Academic and Social Orientation

Presentation of Administrative Units, Academic Units and Student Clubs

TRH 101  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. I

This course provides a general information of the events from the end of the 19. century until the end of the Turkish War of Independence and the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

TRK 101  Turkish I

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. Various types of written statements will be examined through a critical point of view by doing exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing. Punctuation and spelling rules, which are basis of written statement, will be taught and accurate usage of these rules for efficient and strong expression will be provided.

ING 101  English I

Basic English reading, comprehension, writing, and listening skills.

MBP 105  Essentials of Programming

The content of this course includes programming languages, concepts, visual programming, object oriented design and also programming labs.

MYST 104  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

TRK 102  Turkish II

Students will be taught how to use the written communication tools accurately and efficiently in this course. There will be exercises on understanding, telling, reading, and writing; types of speeches (panel, symposium, conference, etc.) will be introduced; the student will be equipped with information on using body language, accent and intonation, and presentation techniques.

TRH 102  Princ. of Atatürk and Hist. of Revol. II

With special reference to the Principals of Atatürk the course will examine the philosophy of the foundation and existence of the republican regime as well as the democratic developments in secular Turkey during the twentieth century and in the era of extending globalization.

MBP 102  Internet Programming

Basic content, HTTP rules and methods, HTML / CSS web design formats, client side JavaScript entry, and server side PHP usage

MBP 104  Visual Programing

This course includes the setup and settings of visual programming editor, forms, basic applications and advanced applications.

ING 102  English II

General English

MBP 106  Object Oriented Programming I

This course covers basic information that allows you to create and develop software using a structured programming language such as Java.

MBP 108  Database Systems II

Design, programming and management of database systems

MBP 203  Database and Management

The content of this course includes entity-relationship database model, functional dependencies, primary key concept and also practical table creation, update and deletion processes in database server.

MBP 205  Object Oriented Programming II

This course covers the basics of creating and developing software using structured programming languages such as Java.

MBP 201  Internet Programming II

This course introduces the students to the fundamental concepts of programming using the PHP programming language.

MBP 207  Visual Programming II

In the content of this course, visual interface design, object-oriented programming and visual development tools including form controls and programming platform will be discussed to gain students technical programming skills.

MBP 202  Computer Hardware

Hardware units. Things to know for maintenance-repair. Server hardware. Game consoles. Von Neumann architecture. Hardware-operating system relationship. Hardware-based computer security

MBP 204  Web Editor

WEB editor basic tools, text operations, table operations, multimedia operations, links, framework operations, templates, library operations, form operations, interactive elements, layer operations, accessibility and site management

MBP 206  System Analysis and Design

System Analysis and Design Concept, Feasibility Analysis and Requirements Determination, Advanced System Analysis Concept, System Design, UML Diagrams, UML Object Based Modeling, Input Design, Output Design, Database Design, Software Development and Testing,

MBP 208  Server Operating System

Installation preparations. Installation and configuration of server operating system. Current server operating systems. Server management. Server kernel. Web server. Printing server. Terminal server. File service. Other services. Network share. DNS. DHCP services. Network load balance. Advanced security precautions. Network politics. Virtualization. Updating.

MYST 204  Summer Training (4 weeks)

Internship, covers field experience at any work place. Students should follow the instructions stated in IUE Internship Guide in order to successfully complete their internships.

Elective Courses

ETR 101  E-Trade

Legal Aspects of E-Commerce, Trading by E-Commerce.

MBP 200  Visual Programming III

Algorithm concept, object oriented programming basics, designing visual interface, performing sample applications with buttons and controls, designing and drawing graphical interface, introduction to database, debugging

MBP 210  Introduction to Game Programming

MBP 211  Basics of Networking

This course includes the concepts of computer networks, networks addresses, and network cables. Networks security will also be discussed in this course.

MBP 213  Office Softwares

MBP 221  Mobile Applications and Technologies

Mobile devices, mobile applications and their requirements, developing mobile applications, using web services and databases in mobile applications

MBP 223  Web Design

MBP 225  Software Installation and Management

The content of this course consists of main topics that are the installation of operating system and hardware drivers, adjusting and management of system properties,resources.

MBP 230  Human-Computer Interactions

MBP 240  Project Management in Information Technologies

MBP 250  Test and Control in Software Development

MBP 260  Open Source Operating System

MBP 290  Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MBP 294  Strategical Management

MBP 298  Project Development

Basic concepts of project management. Program project relationship. Project requirement. Properties of projects and reasons of failure. Project lifecycle. Project planning and management with MS Project. PMI methodology. Activitiy anf project planning and management tools. Scope, cost and time management of project. Risk and quality management of project. Human resources of project. Communication and change management. Project calls and Proje çağrıları ve consolidators.

MGT 209  Animation Techniques

This course is an idea, involves scenarios, post-production and post-processing in the period up to and implementation of short films.

MTOI 204  Human Resources Management

Human resources planning, business analysis, recruitment, training and development, career management, performance management, wage management, health and safety management